About Rooted Fitness

At Rooted Fitness, we take you through challenging exercise sessions while equipping you with the education and tools necessary to become self-sufficient in your pursuit of optimal fitness. 
We are an appointment-based facility. Scroll down to see the services we offer, and contact us to book an initial consultation!

"I don't know where I would be today had my chiropractor not recommend I go to Josh. He wanted me to train with Josh to relieve my pain caused by Piriformis Syndrome. Once out of pain, we started working on strength training to prevent Osteoporosis. I trained with Josh for 19 months and am so thankful I was led to him! He changed my life!"

-Paula M.


Strength Training

Safely and effectively utilize weights to help you develop everyday strength.

Movement Dysfunction Correction & Pain Management 

Learn the techniques that can effectively fix your movement dysfunction and help you manage your musculoskeletal pain.

Waiting Area

A place for your kids, spouse, and friends to relax while you exercise. 


Initial Consultation
Discuss goals and health history, digitally measure body composition, and go through a movement and exercise assessment. 


Training in-person with Josh includes individualized programs and exercise education. The sessions are characterized by patience, encouragement, and intentionality.   


Fitness Homework
Every program comes with personalized fitness homework for the client to perform during the week. 


Accountability Texts
Receive weekly accountability texts to help you stay on track and to answer any fitness questions that you may have throughout the week.


Reassessment of movement, exercise form, and body composition. 

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