Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of gym is Rooted Fitness? Crossfit? HIIT? A big-box membership-based gym?

Rooted Fitness is a private, personal training gym. The service is catered specifically to your needs and goals. We will not try to fit you into one particular type of training or class. Our model does not include a "one size fits all" style of training. Your goals dictate the service you receive, and we have all the expertise and equipment necessary for you to maintain a lifetime of optimal fitness & health.

What is the philosophy of Rooted Fitness?

We here at Rooted Fitness believe that the gym should be a place where you find the highest levels of accountability and self-sufficiency. Our mission at Rooted Fitness is to teach, guide, and push our members towards exercise self-sufficiency. If you are not becoming more self-sufficient with each visit, we are not doing our job.

What if I don't want to leave my current gym?

The good news is that you don't have to leave your gym for us! If you are committed to another gym, let us help you ensure that you are maximizing your exercise at that gym. If you go through our system, we promise that you will be equipped with the education and experience to make your time at your own gym more safe, effective, and enjoyable.

How does it all work?

We start with an initial consultation. In this consultation we have a questionnaire to figure out your goals, health history, and injuries & ailments. We then digitally measure your body fat percentage & muscle mass. Lastly, we take you through a series of assessments to identify any and all weaknesses, imbalances, and movement dysfunctions.

After we take you through all of that, you will receive an email detailing all of the findings from the assessments. This email will contain personal training recommendations and images (with descriptions) showing your movement dysfunctions.

Do you have any policies that I should know about?

I do not train females one-on-one.